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A very long time ago I moved to Hamilton Ontario. I was an angry teenager who didn’t want to move. One of the first people I met was a girl named Mandy. Once I left high school I lost track of her, but thanks to Facebook we found each other again, and it turns out that God had found us both and brought us into his loving embrace.

Mandy had gotten married (11 years ago), she has three sons and lives now in the US with her new family. Her marriage is on the verge of collapse, her husband has all but given up that they can save their marriage. Instead of being angry with him she is campaigning to pray for her marriage, she is praying for the God of creation, the God who created marriage to step in and do what she can’t. To save her marriage. She is asking for help, she is asking for intervention. She is asking for us to pray. It’s so simple, but in a world of facebook, twitter and other social media it’s a powerful way to help a friend or stranger.

You have all been so faithful when I have asked for prayer, you have all prayed for Joshua without even knowing him. Now I am asking  you to pray for another stranger, I am asking you to pray for Mandy & Chris, intervene on their behalf before the our maker, ask for a miracle for this family. Ask God to soften Chris’s heart, to give him HOPE, to remind him what he’s giving up.

I know I can count on all of you; you are a community unto yourselves and I know that you care about the breakdown of families. Pray that Mandy can remain strong for her boys (Zachery, Aaron and Lucas) and pray that together they can begin to work on the real issues in their marriage. Hope is not lost, they need us.

Thank you!



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