is he three yet?

I have come to the realization that having a two year old is God’s way of preparing you for the teen years. This has been a slow dawning for me, but today cinched it. Kaleb, the sweet little boy that I have often Blogged about in the past, the tender little man who loves his snuggles and hugs, the baby in the family has almost totally disappeared and in his place to my surprise is a sullen two year old. (Almost as if he hit puberty far too young). He has the demands that all children do, out of his mouth is a constant stream of ‘Mummy’, yet even if I meet those demands I will most likely still find a way  to do or say something that will displease him.

Now, I love this kid, let’s not mistake that. He still has those sweet moments (just as a teenager still has some ‘good’ moments (like when you give them the new item they have been harassing you for). It’s not that I am even really complaining. Josh too went through this horrendous stage that we at the time thought would never end. He’s out of it now and actually quite a pleasant little man. Kaleb, well, he’s in the throws of one very long temper-tantrum.

The fun part of this stage (did I just say fun?) is that he is still sweet little Kaleb on occasion, so when he emerges, or I catch a glimpse from a distance, I smile because he’s still there. I will hear him playing with his toys, making his cars drive all over the furniture or floor, the inflection in his tone telling a tale all it’s own, or I will catch him off guard and get a hug, or on the rare occasion I will see him snuggle the dog (yes, the same dog he tried just a few days ago to stab with a fork).

I have had great insight into both my boys as we travelled through the terrible two’s with them. I can see them as they will be, their personalities are emerging and though at times it’s not pleasant, it’s still a very exciting thing to watch. Josh was our strong silent type. He used to have some serious meltdowns (something you wouldn’t believe until you saw them) but if I picked him up, put him in a chair with his monkey and bunny and a book he would calm down and read by himself for as long as it took to make him feel better.

Kaleb, he’s more demonstrative (a drama king! – much like his Mummy). If he get’s mad, houses on the Danforth could hear him. His high pitch screeching can cause dogs in the cottage country to howl and look out if he’s holding something because it won’t take long for the said item to become a projectile and his aim is pretty good! However, when the ‘mad’ hits, if you ignore him, he stops, comes over to you and say’s ‘Mummy – look’ and he’ll do his best to win back your attention.

They are so different these two mystical beings called boys. One, desperately needing alone time, the other just needing your attention.

When I put them to bed tonight (after a day of terrible two tantrums) it dawned on me… this is what being 13 will look like for them. Thank God the terrible two’s don’t last as long as the teen years!


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