The Voice

The Voice New Testament is a new version of the Bible brought to us by the Ecclesia Bible Society.

When I agreed to review the Voice I was not thinking clearly, I think it was early in the morning or maybe late at night. I mean, who has time to read the new Testament in two or three weeks?? Crazy! I received the book (some 400 pages of scripture) and panicked… I was indeed crazy. I wrote to the PR company I work with and they quickly eased my fears, ‘no, we don’t expect you to read the entire new testament’. So, I picked a few books, and gave them a read. I chose Mark, because we are doing a sermon series on it, I chose Revelation because it’s a tough book to understand, and I chose Romans because it’s a letter. Each book offers different things, each book is a different style of writing and I wanted to see how this version matched up to others that I have read in the past.

My conclusion is this. I loved it. It is easy to read, it’s basic, there is not confusing language and it clearly shows who is talking, in fact it is so simple to read that Revelations was very clear and open to me. (Though I won’t claim to understand Revelations) I was able to at least see what was happening, what’s dream, what is John talking, God talking etc.

I can not say that I would use this version as my regular Bible, it’s fun and easy to read and a great addition to my regular Bible for sure, and a great study tool; however I would stick with my regular Bible for my daily reading. I will say though, that for a new Christian, or a person looking to read the Bible for the first time, this is a wonderfully accessible version and I would HIGHLY recommend it!

“New Testament has been provided courtesy of Thomas Nelson and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
Available at your favourite bookseller from Thomas Nelson”. 


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