The Outcome

The plan of attack last night, for those of you who did not read the previous post, was to give Joshua my bear and promise him a treat in the morning if he slept through the night.

The outcome:

Mummy’s bear

Last night before bed Josh and I had a little talk about how Mummy’s bear is really good at protecting Mummy and that Mummy was going to give Josh Mummy’s bear so that if he woke up in the night and needed comfort and kisses then her bear would be there for him. He practiced kissing the bear, Mummy kissed the bear, and then I tucked him up safe and sound with the bear. We said our prayers with an extra prayer that ‘Bear’ would keep him safe and offer him comfort if necessary. I also filled him in on the treat I had for him if he slept through the night without waking Mummy…

I then made my way to bed (though later obviously than Josh)

This morning I woke up after a full night sleep, with no interruptions…

I came downstairs, filled with kisses for the little man, and he got to partake in his treat… please notice the missing Oreo cakester…

So, I don’t know what worked, if it was the promise of a treat, if it was the bear or if it was desperate prayers for a peaceful night; possibly it was a combination of all three. Really, it doesn’t matter. Last night I slept!

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