The Plan of attack

This kid might keep me up every night… and drive me crazy with exhaustion, but then he he’s just so cute, and such a big boy that he ends up melting my heart again and all is forgiven.
In a bid for ‘village life’ I turned to facebook today for some much needed advice on getting this little munchkin to sleep through the night for me. I was first, surprised by how many people suffer the same fate, and I have to publicly thank all those who took a time out to write out their advice for how to proceed. 
I have decided to use two methods tonight, one modified from today’s advice and one directly from the advice column that started as a facebook status… I will update you in the morning.
Method One – Give him your (my) shirt to take to bed with him so that he can smell me and gain comfort from that. This is the one I have modified slightly… I have a bear that still manages to make it’s way to my bed each night. I bought it for Kaleb and he snubbed it, so I assumed responsibility for the poor bear and he ends up getting snuggles each night from me. This bear, will now be giving back those snuggles to Josh, who will hopefully feel the love and not wake me up.
Method Two – This is simple, easy, and direct. BRIBERY. If he sleeps through, or more importantly if he doesn’t wake his Mummy up, then he will get a special treat in the morning… (I have yet to decide on said treat but I have to say I hope I have to think fast in order to get it for the morning)
So, there it is, that’s the plan….

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