Food fit for gods…

I never Blog about food or restaurants, that is not why I Blog and quite honestly I really have no interest in it and certainly no time to indulge in trying different restaurants. However, in this case I am making a big exception…

Tim and I were blessed with a night away between Thursday and Friday. We went to Niagara Falls where we had a fantastic time of building our marriage and enjoying some much needed (especially for me) time away from potty training and terrible two blues.

Today we stopped on the way home to have lunch, we decided to hit a spot on the Danforth, a place that I had been to before and enjoyed. It is called Mezes (as seen in the picture). This place has the BEST Greek food I have tasted, even better than anything I had partaken in Greece. I would even go so far as to say that this was one of the best meal I have ever eaten ever! I would be wrong to keep it secret… if you are ever near the Danforth, I promise you it’s worth the stop for a meal!! Check it out!


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