The broken tree

Today the Christmas tree came down… It’s always been a let down to take out the ornament boxes and pack up the tree but this year I had Josh doing everything in his power to stop me. I would take an ornament down and he would try to put it back on saying ‘tree pretty mummy’ and I would try to explain that Christmas is over for the year and it’s time to put the tree away. Then he started hugging my legs so that I couldn’t move around the tree to get the tinsel off, then the same with the lights. All the while smiling and saying ‘tree pretty mummy’. Then, when the tinsel, lights, angel and ornaments were put away and the only thing left to do was to drag the tree out to the street (for which we needed Daddy) I attempted to sweep up needles, which Josh quickly messed up again. When Kaleb woke from his nap and came downstairs Josh had a sad little face and pointed to the tree and said ‘Kaper (that’s what he calls Kaleb) tree broken’. My poor little guy, he enjoyed his first Christmas this year, finally understanding the holiday and the joy of the season and now he too is feeling the after Christmas blues. We then went upstairs to play with his new air hockey table and cars and the tree and it’s brokeness was quickly forgotten, until he spoke to his Grandma on the phone tonight and told her that Christmas was gone…


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2 thoughts on “The broken tree

  1. I understand Josh.I did not turn our outside lights on tonight. We're having company here Friday night and it will still look like Christmas. Judy's packing up Christmas boxes and stuff. We'll probably take down the basement tree tomorrow afternoon.— Doug(I don't understand \”Select profile . . .\”


  2. Oh, do I sympathise with Josh! We don't put up our tree until the 23rd and we take it down on January 7th (12 days of Christmas), but I am always a sad taking it down. -Sheila


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