A special day…

Today, I finally made the leap that I have wanted to make for years but have for various reasons never been able to arrange. I was finally baptized! It was a beautiful service with a small group of my family and a few friends and it was made extra special because it was lead by the Priest who married us and the actual baptism was preformed by my husband and the two people who have taught me from the start about God and his amazing love and grace, my parents, were my sponsors. All the more important was that both my sons were there, neither were sick. God worked a miracle for me today because as you know Josh was only a few days ago so sick that he was in the ER. I am blessed, and today of all days I felt God’s presence and blessings literally poured out on me.

The wonder boy makes his comeback!

Kaleb decides to taste the Holy water

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2 thoughts on “A special day…

  1. Thanks Char, Tim says it's nice to finally be married to a Christian… and I reminded him this morning that though he was baptized first I actually had to choose to make that step where he had little choice in the matter… 🙂 Thankfully, we are saved by grace and not water. In all seriousness though, I have been wanting this for years but truly have never been able to work it out until now. I guess God knew the timing that would be best. :)Glad to be a part of the 'community' though I am also a believer that I was already the daughter of the King long before now. 🙂


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