What a night!

At 11 o’clock yesterday morning, out of the blue Josh became ill with vomiting, shaking, and he turned blue, he also became very lethargic. He vomited more than we could count and by the time I got home (it had been girls day at the One of a Kind show until this). When I got home he was asleep, and only waking up to vomit again. Then almost immediately he would fall back to sleep. He was weak, more tired than I have ever seen him without drugs, the only thing he was able to say to me wast that his head hurt, which a friend pointed out to me is huge steps of improvement from even three months ago when he couldn’t articulate hurts in such a clear way. I took him to the ER at 7, where he gave a lovely ‘I’m here’ by puking all over the floor of the triage desk. We were given a room where he again feel right back to sleep, unfortunately it was a sleep so deep that the nurse couldn’t wake him up, was checking signs of life and calling for the doctor. I have had some scares with Josh, lots of them, but this was horrifying. Finally after poking and yelling and shaking and eventually pinching he began to stir, we were moved to the resuscitation room and kept under observation and Josh was given an IV and blood taken to test. He then fell back asleep and didn’t wake up for any of the other tests which included an xray that he had to sit through.

With friends who love me and my family I was not alone for the end of the night, they came and brought tea and company. One of them, a nurse, was there to speed up the process and talk with the doctor when I didn’t understand something.  The doctor, the same doctor who treated Kaleb when he had impetigo was wonderful, and finally when Josh was more full of fluids be began to stir and wake up. His little body still weak but he was talking. The doctor, believing it to be Norwalk Virus then released us after doping Josh up with anti-nauseate and loads of fluids. As he left he lifted his his head off my shoulder to say bye and thank you to the nurse. He is now drinking on his own and watching Lion King… the vomit so far has stopped.

For reasons I can’t get into yet, Sunday is important to me, to have both boys healthy, Tim and I healthy, it’s so important to me. Please, don’t forget us in your prayers this weekend.

When my friend drove Josh and I home last night he saw the house and said ‘home, happy’ and this morning, though still with fever he told us again that he was happy, and to be sure we and he understood, we asked him if he was sad and he said ‘no, happy’.

There is just nothing better than home sometimes I guess, and nothing better than seeing how far your child has come verbally, though it was a difficult and scary night, it had it’s blessings too. I have amazing friends who care deeply, and I have a son who is improving daily with his delays. Now to get him healthy without spreading his germs to the family!


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4 thoughts on “What a night!

  1. The courage, sweetness and strength of this little one is amazing. We cannot understand the reason for this journey for the whole family yet. But the Father certainly has a reason and a plan. We shall know the beauty of the tapestry in His good time. Blessings, love and prayers, Irene


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