Love story

I think I should have saved yesterdays’ post for today… my amazing husband whom you have heard so much about turns 35 today!

I remember when I met Tim, it was not your ordinary meeting, or at least it wasn’t how I had imagined meeting my husband when I was a young girl dreaming of those things. These days I suppose it’s more common than I realize. All that said, it’s a great story and in celebration of his birthday I will take you back 5 years and share with you the wonderful story of us.

I was living in Austria, I was in a state of flux having only months before ended an engagement and changed the direction of my life entirely. No longer planning on moving to the UK I felt God call my home to Canada (not where I wanted to be). I reluctantly followed the call, being in a place spiritually that was so incredibly real and beautiful that it was the first time I had really understood that joy goes beyond circumstance, and that it’s possible to really love God. (Getting off track… sorry). So, I didn’t want to move back to my old city, I wanted a fresh start and I didn’t want to move to the small town where my parents lived but I didn’t want to be far either since I would be working for my Dad. It was my Mom who lovingly went out and found me an apartment, then filled it with my things, decorating it the way that I would love, so that on the day I came home it was exactly that… coming home.

The problem of course was that I had chosen a city where I knew no one really. I had grown up in the neighboring city so I was close to my old church and went there and because of that I did know a couple of people. Sadly none were my age and the next 6 months were both some of the loneliest and most meaningful in learning how to be content.

One day, in May of that year, I was driving over the Burlington skyway I felt clearly that God was telling me that he had a Pastor in mind for me, that I would be a Pastor’s wife. I can’t say how I knew this, it was not a voice, but a knowledge. I also remember cringing… I would not make a good pastor’s wife, and even if I could do it, what Pastor out there was single and yet someone I could be attracted too? I decided that it would take a miracle and so I stopped dating and told God he would have to figure it out.

In late July I got three free days given to me from a Christian dating site, and a friend of mine and I were online to check out a guy she was going to go on a date with. As we perused the profiles in what I called the catalog of men, I came across a smile that I was so intrigued by that I gave up my ‘not dating or trying’ thing and wrote a quick hi. Since I had only three days before my membership was revoked for not paying I figured I wouldn’t hear from him. However, that night he was online and he wrote back right away.

We didn’t stop talking all week, there was so much to talk about, it wasn’t until the third day of talking all day that I discovered he was a Pastor… you can imagine my horror… 🙂

We met 5 days after meeting online, and I won’t lie to you it was pretty much love at first site for both of us. 10 days into the relationship we knew that we were meant for each other and it has been confirmed every day since then. He was the miracle that God called me home for. He was the wonder and magic that love defines. He is the one who holds my heart and will do so for as long we both shall live. I am so glad he was born.

Happy Birthday Tim!


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