Here we are again, remembering the sacrifice of so many, over a broad amount of time. Blood shed for our freedom, for the freedom of the oppressed people in other countries. We wear our poppy, we stand in silence for a minute, we post pictures of soldiers on facebook, we share quotes… then on the 12th we go back to our normal lives and we don’t think about it until the following November 11th. (Or at least not often).

As a mother of sons I can’t help but think about them when I think of war… what would I do if I had to say goodbye to my husband, not knowing if he would return? What if one of my boys or worse both, came home and said to me ‘we have signed up’ or ‘Im shipping out’. How do you do tolerate this? How do you wake up every day not knowing if this is the day your son or husband or daughter will die?

How do you live within the war itself, seeing the horrific things these men and women at arms have seen, friends blown apart, injured, dead? How do you live with this?

The sacrifice is so much more than we can ever know, and it’s not just the soldiers but the ones left behind. I will not forget, I refuse to forget and I won’t stop remembering tomorrow… We have men and women fighting even now, putting their lives on the line even as I write this, they need to be remembered in prayer daily.


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