treasures under the bed…

Last night I cleaned out under my bed… (without my Mum telling me to do it) and I found a few interesting things. Turns out that a whole bunch of purses were there, purses that I had thought were lost and gone forever in the move had actually been hiding under my bed in ‘storage’ for God knows how long. The whole thing started when I went through my bookshelf and found some cards and memories that were meant for my memory box which is also stored under the bed. So, I dug out the box and there hiding behind the box was the purses, and a pile of old journals. This is the purpose of the Blog post, not the purses, I was just so happy about my ‘new’ purses that I just had to share it!

The one journal I found was from my second stint in Austria, it contained mostly poetry that I had written while there, though I suppose they are more like short prayers and thoughts written into a book and made to look like poems. I would like to share some of them with you, they meant so much to me when I wrote them and as I look back on them I am touched once again by them, and reminded of where I was yes, but also where I am now. So if every once and a while you see a poem pop up, it’s because I have been going through the journals and thought it one that would be good to share with you.

I can be weak
Sometimes I am strong,
I have dreams,
and some won’t be realized.
I am a daughter,
I am a sister,
I am a friend,
I am loved.
I sometimes cry,
though quite often I laugh,
I can be fearless,
and sometimes I am afraid.
I am independant,
but at times I need someone.
I have been hurt,
but I have also inflicted pain.
My heart has been broken
but it’s only because I have loved.
There have been times when I was proud,
and times that I cowered in shame.
I have cried,
I have laughed,
I have loved,
I have lived.

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