because of a little girl named ‘S’…

There is nothing better than watching a smile light the face of the kids you love, because of something you have planned for them to do, a vacation, a holiday, a day out. To know that it’s the time they are spending with you that matters, that they are enjoying your company, that they want to see you, want to have your full attention.

This weekend we had the pleasure of the boys’ smiles as they discovered Niagara Falls, a magic show, play houses, a hot tub and meals out. They were so tired that they couldn’t stand up, or walk straight but the smiles didn’t let up.

When we arrived home yesterday Josh fell asleep on the couch, and stayed that way until it was time for school. Waking him was a treat let me tell you, that kid is worse than I am with no sleep and no coffee… he fell back asleep in the car and was again needing to be awakened when we arrived at school. I took him upstairs and he was okay until the teacher said hello, then he went into meltdown mode.

We were in a corner of the room and a little girl named ‘S'(who has downs) came over to us, she looked me in the eye with such compassion, more than is right for her age, and she said ‘Josh is crying’, when I agreed with her she smiled and then slowly reached out and rubbed her hand along Josh’s shoulder in the gentlest and sweetest way. Josh must have felt the love flowing through too because though he wouldn’t turn away from my shoulder (where he was pressed tightly) he did stop crying and made the smallest of movements towards ‘S’s hand, towards her comfort. I had a lump in my throat to witness such sweet comfort from two kids who are so young. It was beautiful.

It didn’t take much longer than that for Josh to calm down enough to go and find his seat and though it took me much longer to leave than normal I was happy to stay and watch him interact with his new friends. My heart now so much softer because of a little girl named ‘S’.


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