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do you remember playing with the Atari? Using the huge remote to blast little lines out of ship to kill the space invaders? All in black and white of course! I remember my parents rented a machine for us for a weekend, it was a special occasion although which one I can’t remember. My Mom had all these strict rules about it, we could only be on it for a certain amount of time per day, we had to share and take turns and a number of other rules that had to be adhered to before we signed any rental agreement. My sister, Dad and I promised to abide by said rules, she signed the forms and we went home with the latest in technology. (.. yes I realize that I have dated myself in this post but I should add that I was VERY young at this time – hence the lack of clear memory 🙂 Anyway, we got home, figured out how to hook it all up and sat down to play space invaders, Karen and Dad played, Dad and I played, Karen and I played, then Dad asked Mom to try and though she attempted to argue she lost and was soon planted on the couch in front of the game, where she remained for the entire weekend! No more rules, she played for hours! She loved that game!!

I got side tracked by the story, but the point is that I grew up needing to rent the Atari while Josh is 3.5 and knows the ipad intimately. He can work anything on that thing! This week he found out how to work the camera mode and now I have a budding photographer in my midst!! I also have a kid who knows exactly how to find netflix and the shows he likes, which makes life both simple and complicated for me.

This week Josh drew a perfect 6, and a great rocket ship, all on the ipad… (yup, if a 3.5 year old can work an ipad then the company has to know it’s done something right!) My mind is blown away by the leaps we have made since I was a little girl watching my Mom play with the Atari! I can’t even imagine the leaps that will be made in the boy’s lives.

Portrait of his Mummy – by Joshua Haughton

‘Six’ – by Joshua Haughton

Red Rocket Ship – by Joshua Haughton

Car – by Joshua Haughton

Self portrait – by Joshua Haughton

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