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I just read a book called the ‘Son of Hamas‘ and was so fascinated by the tale that I just had to Blog about it. Here is a guy born into a culture of hate and greed and killing and to watch him transform, despite the dire circumstances of prison, torture, blood and despite being surrounded by death he allowed his mind to be opened, allowed his heart to be touched and now speaks words of love to a generation so desperately in need of love.

The story takes us through the history of the conflict in the Middle East, takes us back through the tragedies, back through the horror and he gives us a version that strikes me as much closer to the truth than any I have heard to date. He speaks of the errors made from both sides, about the hate that fuels the conflict and how there will be no end unless compassion and love have a chance to breathe. My heart was touched because in what seemed so hopeless a situation he ultimately put his trust in God alone, and gave everything up in order to live by the standards set not by his culture, not by his upbringing and not even by Allah but by those set by Jesus. Love your enemies. Such a simple message, such a profound story of courage and hope.

If you get the chance to read this book I would highly recommend it. I have to admit it took a while to read it, I had to fit it into a tight schedule, but it was a thought provoking and emotion book written by a brave and thoughtful, insightful man. I can only hope and pray that people read this and begin to live out it’s message. Change cannot happen if people close their minds, change cannot happen if we choose to ignore the most basic of commandments, to love our neighbours, whoever they may be. Love your enemies.


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