Stand back and see!

What a powerful song, I have shared this before (to listen you need only scroll down to past posts) but what amazed me about this song explanation was one particular line when he was speaking about the verse in Mathew that talks about having the faith of a mustard seek can move a mountain… I have always clung to that verse. All the emails that leave my gmail account end with a line ‘I am walking on a path of mustard seeds’, this came at a difficult time in life when all I had to hold onto was that mustard seed, and everyday I had to walk that path, keep believing, keep having faith that God would move mountains.

What I liked in this explanation of the song, was  ‘this isn’t so much about your faith, as it is about God’s power’! How true is that?! How many times have we been told ‘you just have to have faith and it will all work out’, putting the onus on us to be better, to have more faith, to believe more, and if for some reason the situation we are in doesn’t resolve itself, or turns out in a way other than we had hoped, we are left feeling guilt, like we should have had more faith, should have done more. When the reality is, we are being given the chance to see God’s awesome power, to stand back and see what He can do! Through Grace, not acts, through love, not deeds.

What a burden to have had lifted…


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