Baby Ent

Today was a special day in the life of Josh (or more to the point his Mummy). Today we went shopping for his first day of school outfit. This is a moment I had thought about and wondered about when we found out we were pregnant with him, I imagined taking him for a haircut, buying a new outfit and backpack. All the fun things from back to school that I remember from being a little girl.

We got into the car and headed to the OshKosh and Carters outlet and the Gap outlet where we found a sweet little outfit that he will wear on Tuesday afternoon for his first day of JK.

It was in the OskKosh outlet that the reason for my post happened. Josh was being so quiet and good, following behind me from rack to rack while I looked at the shirts and went back and forth between jeans and pants. He kept his hands behind his back and I assumed it was just the stance he was taking, he looked relaxed and happy and not at like he was in pain or anything I should worry about, so I didn’t. I took his good and quiet mood for what it was and I wandered around the shop without incident.

I finally picked out a vest for him (nothing in there was really what I had in mind for his first school outfit). I proceeded to the cash and put the vest on the counter, Josh was close beside me. I put my purse on the cash desk and began the search for my debit card, which it seemed was missing, so then the hunt for the visa was on. The cashier gave the total and I looked up at her, something was amiss. I asked her why it seemed more than it should, the vest being only $19 and with no tax on kids clothes I shouldn’t have to pay almost $30! She said, ‘well, with the vest and elephant that’s the total.’ I looked down at the counter, and sure enough there was a little Elephant sitting there. I looked at Josh who stood looking up at me with a big smile on his face. I looked at the door, where a large stack of stuffed animals were on sale and I realized that he must have picked it up when we walked in, then walked all around the store holding the thing behind his back, and then when he got to the cash desk, while I was distracted, he quietly put it up so that cashier could ring it up for him. He looked so pleased with himself, his big smile beaming he said ‘Ent’ as if that explained it all. (Ent. being Elephant). I had seconds to decide, put the ‘Ent’ back and risk a tantrum of mammoth proportions or give in and say ‘just this time because it’s a special day for you and Mummy, but you can’t do this again’. In the end you can imagine my choice, I mean who can resist a sweet little boy’s smile; and let’s be honest, he could very well have chosen to walk out of the store with it!? At least he knew that he needed to pay for it right?!

So, now he has a Mummy ‘Ent’ and a baby ‘Ent’ and he’s happily snuggling both as I write. All in all, it was one of those things that I will remember until I am old, every time I see that little stuffed ‘Ent’ I will remember the monkey and his cheeky grin.


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2 thoughts on “Baby Ent

  1. That's a beautiful story, I love it! Can you believe Josh will be enjoying his first day of school less than 2 weeks after open-heart surgery? That is AWESOME, God is so good!


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