they don’t miss a step…

A week ago today I was trudging off to see Kaleb’s doctor regarding his illness that landed him in the hospital. The boys were ‘well behaved’ for part of the morning but shortly after praising them for getting along so well and being so good I found them hiding in the back yard with a box of stolen cookies. It was their last morning together for a while so what could I do? I let them think they got away with it, and tried not to giggle at the cookie crumbs on their faces when they came inside.

Yesterday Josh was left alone for only minutes and he had taken a marker to my couch, several actually, it looked more like a younger Picasso than a younger ‘Josh’. Too bad it wasn’t on canvas?

Last night Kaleb learned to get out of his pea pod bed, crawled out and came into the living room with big smiles for his Gramma, twice.

At 4:15 AM Josh woke up screaming for Mummy, (in the past the only thing to wake him was either nightmares or pain) I went racing in and asked him what was wrong and a quiet little voice in the darkness said ‘pizza’?. I have to admit I stumbled a little, not sure I was hearing this, needing to pinch myself to be sure this was no silly dream; sadly it was real, I was woken at a crazy time to be asked for pizza!? He wouldn’t go back to bed after that, I gave him something to eat, gave him his pain meds, but still no sleep. Finally we brought him to bed with us. We were just starting to drift off to sleep when again a small voice in the darkness says ‘rocket ship’? (the Wii game his Daddy bought him last night).

Ultimately we did all manage to get a little more sleep, but when I woke up this morning and thought back to what I was feeling last week at having Kaleb say goodbye for an undetermined amount of time, facing Josh’s surgery, all the sadness, fear and worry, well I had to close my eyes and smile. These little boys haven’t lost a step, they get knocked down but they don’t miss a step and all along the way they are determined to cause some mischief.  I love it, I love them. Though a little rest would be great it’s nothing that coffee can’t fix!


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