Last day pre-op

I said goodbye to my youngest, who cried when I shut the door of his Gramma’s car, then Josh repeated all day ‘brother crying’ and at one point thought he saw Gramma’s car and got really excited saying ‘Gramma, Brother’ and I had to reiterate that his brother was going away for a little while. ARGH! SUCKS!

However, we then got our hair cut, went to Chapters to play with Thomas, then to the ROM to look at Dinosaurs. He’s been so good, so giggly all day that I have to wonder if he thinks if he’s good enough this won’t happen? Someone told me once that kids often think that they have been bad, and that is why they need to go to the hospital. I told him he’s good, that nothing he did made this happen, that he is a good boy… but again, with no feedback it’s hard to know what is going on his little mind.

We got pizza, had his pre-op bath with special soap which tickled him and made him laugh and we went to bed with prayers, hugs and kisses. Not a terrible day at all, but understandably hard given the cloud threatening our horizon.

I don’t have many words tonight, I just wanted to update you all on his last day pre-op, he’s being very strong and brave. Thank you all for your comments and emails of love and support and offers of prayer.


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