Three men

I just knew that upon Josh’s return there would be laughs and smiles and I was not let down. The brothers were, and are happy to be reunited! Josh’s face lit up with joy when he saw Kaleb (Kaleb had just woken  up from nap so he was less ‘visual’ in his happiness). The first thing Josh did was to give Kaleb his train. The argued a bit, fought when it got close to bedtime, but they woke up enjoying each others company and Kaleb has even used his name a couple of times now. Life in our house for the next two days is normal and instead of looking ahead to the coming week I am going to enjoy these precious moments with them together. These two little boys who have so much fun just being boys and having a brother. I have said so many times how blessed I am to know these little men, but sometimes that knowledge overwhelms a mothers heart with thankfulness and it can’t help but over flow. Never have I known that I could love like this, I had no idea it was really possible to love that much. My mother talked of it, but I didn’t get it until I met my boys. How I went so long without Tim and the boys boggles my mind. No matter what this week looks like, no matter what the next year or five years look like. I have the love of these three amazing men who share a home with me, it doesn’t get any better than that!


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