Is it a male thing?

I am wondering… what is the deal with cars, trucks, buses, trains, planes, helicopters, motorbikes, bikes, scooters, wheels, tires, motors, anything that moves really… ? Is there something innately male that I am missing? Josh looks at this picture and could care less that he’s the star of the shot, or that Daddy is there with him, no, he sees this picture and he sees the rusted, old truck that he believes is Mater (Tow Mater from CARS). Speaking of CARS and CARS 2 and Mater’s tales, were there ever such perfect movies for little boys? He and Kaleb can sit all day long playing with cars and trucks, driving them back and forth across the floor for hours, and then just when you think they are bored of it, they drive the truck into their brother for a good ole round of beat the brother, and once the last punch is thrown it’s back to driving across the floor!

Seriously… I do not get it!?


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