Not so bad…

Thursday morning dawned as any other day, we had our normal routine and regular insanity of two non-morning people (Josh and I) facing two morning people (Tim and Kaleb). There were some tears, fixed by milk for Josh, coffee for Mummy. Curious George replaced the news, cereal flew through the air as Kaleb attempted to get it into his mouth in huge bite fulls. The dog, once free of his pen did his morning dance of begging food off the kids (much to their delight). All of this to say that nothing seemed a miss. The world continued to tick by as usual. So then you ask; why am I writing about it?

That afternoon I noticed something odd on Kaleb’s lip (just under his lip actually). It was a large cut, wet and sore looking. He was licking at it and rubbing it and you know what it’s like, you can’t stop them no matter how hard you try. I couldn’t figure out where it came from, did he fall? I hadn’t remembered anything happening, and with Kaleb even a bump on the finger needs a little kiss better so I am sure that a large cut to the lower lip would be deemed kiss worthy. However, he seemed fine so I chalked it up to an injury sustained in battle with his brother and we went about the rest of our day.

Now, for the entire week I had also been suffering from a very painful foot and have had no time to get it checked out but by Thursday I was struggling to walk and couldn’t put weight on it. So, when Tim came home he watched the kids while I hit the ER. After a number of hours; surprisingly made relaxing by have some actual time to read my book and not have the kids to worry about for a little while (whoever said the wait in the ER is crazy was not as crazy as we think… it’s just our attitudes to the situation that needs work). So, back to the ER. The X-ray, though very cool, did not show a bone injury or a foreign object (that’s what I was hoping for… quick fix and all). Instead it would seem it’s a deep tissue injury and I need to see a foot specialist. It could be worse though, and I did get a couple hours to read my book so all was not lost.

Friday, another typical morning but this time it was Tim’s day off and we had big plans for Ontario Place! We got the boys changed and had them watch a movie while had coffee and got ready ourselves. I was drinking my cup of java when Kaleb went running past me, I looked at him and there was a huge red open sore on his back. Big enough, glaring enough that I would have noticed it when I was changing his diaper that morning. This was new, and when put together with a bizarre chin wound that was getting bigger not better, and diarrhea (something he gets frequently due his many allergies so I often don’t think much about it). I decided he needed medical attention.

In the ER, the nurse looked at the large sore on his back and said ‘it’s definitely a blister of some kind, it is probably viral’ and she got us a room to get comfortable in. The doctor came about an hour later and looked at it, listened to my concerns and said ‘it’s an injury, maybe he rubbed it raw on the carpet or bed or outside or something’. I explained about the diarrhea, about the odd chin sore as well and he said it was probably just a co-incidence. My heart sank, there are times when you just know that there is something wrong, and this was one of those times. Kaleb wasn’t well, and in my heart I had a feeling that the sores were symptomatic of something more. He hasn’t had a lot of his needles yet because of his allergies, we have to wait for further testing. My anxiety went up as I realized that it could be something serious, and if it was it would be our fault for not pushing to get the testing done faster. I asked the doctor if it was possible to see a pediatrician before we left and with some annoyance he said he would call but that they were probably too busy to come to ER.

As it turned out, they were very busy and Kaleb and I had to wait another hour for them (during which time his tummy troubles got so bad that I was now out of diapers (we went through 5 in an hour). He finally fell asleep and we had a chance for a little cuddle. (small blessings in the ER again). The new doctor looked the wounds and said that they were definitely blisters, but that she didn’t know what was causing it so she would have to see her boss. We waited another half an hour before another Dr. came to see us and examine Kaleb. Sure enough she diagnosed Kaleb with a bacterial infection, gave him antibiotics and then had the ER doctor come back to look at the wounds. She pointed to each symptom and pulled them all together in the diagnosis (very House like) and the whole time the ER doctor stood there not looking at me and saying ‘I am glad I thought to call in a pediatrician’. (Oh how I love an ego!)

By the time Kaleb and I were allowed to leave we had instructions for care, meds., clean diapers (a gift from ER) and permission to head to Ontario Place after all. So off we went, we hit the splash pad where the kids had the time of their lives, then we went to the animal show where owls, falcons, and Eagles swooped over our heads. Cheetah like animals jumped 10 feet in the air and other strange creatures hopped from tree branch to tree branch. The kids laughed, clapped and oohed and ahhed appropriately. The week, busy and in many ways annoying ended on such a wonderful note! Kaleb and Josh spent Saturday feeling crummy, Kaleb sick with Impetigo and Josh just feeling tired and yucky but we watched a movie and everyone got lots of snuggles and at bedtime both boys went to sleep with a smile and kiss. Funny how life can be like that isn’t it? This morning they have rebounded and are back to their normal (mischievous) selves.

I even managed to have time for a really great photo walk on Saturday morning with the church while Tim watched the kids. Great, great weekend all in all!


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