I was chatting with a friend yesterday about life and how people face difficult situations and what it takes to rise up rather than be crushed under the weight of sorrow and and pain. I sat there thinking about the CCU and how to my right there might be someone with a child much less sick than Josh, I can look at them and lament Josh’s pain and suffering, or I can turn to my left where without doubt there is sadly someone who’s child is much much worse than Josh. It is looking at this suffering, this pain that allows me to really know the blessings in my own life. Then today someone I know posted this video and I find my heart breaking again, it’s not fair is it? I have said on this blog that no child should know suffering, and no parent should ever know fear for their child’s life. Yet as I watch this video I am reminded that God watched his son suffer untold pain, and ultimately he suffered the loss of his only son.

Then it dawned on me… It is not my job to wonder how I am going to ‘rise up’ or avoid the crushing weight of sorrow. God is holding the weight for me, it’s been nailed on a tree centuries ago. My only job is to love these two little boys and give God all the glory.



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