From the True North, I am strong and free!

I was born in the Los Anegels,  California USA, to a Welsh father and a Canadian mother.  I didn’t move to his amazing country until I was 3 years old and other than living overseas for a stint I have lived here my whole life. I have never considered myself anything but Canadian, nor will I. Canada has stolen my heart, made me proud to call myself one of the ‘true north’s, strong and free’. This country, with all her problems is still a country that I am proud to call home, no matter where in the world I live, this is my country. To raise my children here, to live in a city as beautiful and diverse as Toronto fills me with an easy pride. We have issues, yes. The mayor annoys some by using his power of free thinking, the prime minister irks people, we have morons who riot in our streets over a hockey game, but ultimately our people are world class. We have the wonder of ethnic diversity, the power of community, the great binding force of unity, and let’s face it… we are nice. We are apologetic (almost to the point of a disorder), we are easy going neighbours, and our english… well, it’s English (even if the spell check says differently). We have the easy going East, with rolling hills and crazy cliffs with the smashing waves of the Atlantic, the lobster, the beaches and fishing boats and some strange talking folks. We have our French, with their funny but wonderful ways. The old city of Quebec with it’s charm and boutiques. Then of course is Ontario and the Capital of Canada, Ottawa. Our Nation’s leaders who do there best no matter the party they represent to do what is right, what is good for our people. The forests, the bears, wilds of the Algonquin and the bustling streets of Toronto. The prairies with it’s wide open spaces, fields and fields of countless things that the land offers her people to sustain life. The winter winds or blowing tumble weeds. The Rockies, with the stunning majesty that can only be found there. Deep forests, wilds of the north, and the wonder of the west coast. The stunning beauty of the coast of the pacific as it lines up with our British Columbia, the sunsets, sunrises and the native art that speaks to all Canadians. We house the most diverse landscape, and we survive the four seasons and the weather they have to offer. This country, this amazing and beautiful country is a nation that makes the heart swell, keeps the unity alive, allows for pride and hope. This is my country, Happy Birthday Canada!


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