Total meltdowns and hugs…

Yesterday was not a shining moment for me in the realm of motherhood. The kids were tired and cranky, they wanted my total attention and I was so busy that they didn’t have it, which led to them fighting, throwing things and generally trying (and succeeding) in driving me crazy for most of the day. I also spent the day waiting for our new couch to arrive, and when it did I found that it was so much bigger than we are used to. The guys were unhelpful, they took off the doors, and the legs of the couch (which at first they swore they couldn’t do) and then they dumped the couch in the middle of the floor (it’s a sectional) without putting it together or even upright, and without removing the plastic. I was totally overwhelmed and had people coming for a BBQ last night. I honestly wanted to cry (in fact I did a couple of times for a few minutes). So, the point…

Just when I really considered throwing the new couch out the window and canceling the BBQ, tossing the kids in the back yard and throwing a huge pity party for myself… Kaleb stood up on the couch, looked up at me and opened his arms for a hug, which I obliged, and he hugged tight, then I got a kiss. Worked better than any drug I can think of! We then sat on the new couch for a little while just me and my two great sons, snuggling and enjoying it, regardless of size. It’s just got more room for snuggling, and in my world there is nothing better than snuggles from the three men in this house!


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