On occasion I have used this Blog as a place to rant… today is one of those days. Did you know there is a website (for dating) that is for ‘beautiful people’ and if you can’t cut it by votes from the ‘beautiful people’ on the website then you are rejected.

I can’t count the amount of ‘beautiful’ people I have met in this life who are the ugliest, most self centered people. Not that I don’t understand the concept of attraction leading to dating and marriage etc. However, should that be all that is considered? I have met so many men who at first glance were less than ‘beautiful’ in the eyes of society, but when I got to know them they became more and more attractive to  me and remain some of the most attractive men I have met and alternatively I have met some very attractive men who have no common sense, who are arrogant and dim witted and prideful, in other words, ugly.

Character, that is beauty, compassion, that is beauty, honour, that is beauty, strength and determination, self awareness and humour, these are beauty! Skin, hair, size, they are the outer package and mean NOTHING. Do these few people expect to escape age? Do they plan on avoiding the beautiful lines that tell the story of the life they have lived? The grey in their hair that says they have the wisdom of years behind them, the worries of the people they love? They are something a teenager cares about, a teenager girl who cares what clothes she wears, if her hair is the right style or if she has zits, that’s normal but past 25 it becomes a tad ridiculous and narcissistic if you ask me. Grow up! A guy who has a little less hair than he did when he was younger? Who cares, if he is a strong man who understands responsibility and compassion and has the wisdom to lead his family well?

I am so sick of people talking about what ‘beauty’ is, and then living into a false reality based on that assumption. I am tired of young women starving themselves to be ‘beautiful’ (as an aside do they not know that they no longer look like women when they are too thin? Or risk more wrinkles in the long run)? People killing themselves in tanning beds to have the right skin tone? Spending themselves into debt because they don’t want to be seen without the right clothes or find it absolutely necessary to have their nails, hair or skin ‘perfect’? I am so totally fed up with people telling us that we are not enough!

We are made in the image of our maker, and if we just learned to give up the obsessive need to be ‘beautiful’ we may look in the mirror and see that we already ARE!

Beautiful people… ?


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