The Bridge

As a mother I have a view of life that I have never had prior to having kids… I see things differently now and I can see so many relationships to how I see my kids and how God sees me, how he handles me or just guides me.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine and I took our kids to the Science Centre, we went to the rain-forest exhibit and took the kids across the bridge. From my perspective in the wings with my camera the bridge seemed harmless, beautiful even. There was a pretty little waterfall in the background and a pretty roped bridge crossing over a small pond. There were trees and plants surrounding the entire bridge and the kids looked angelic. The kids however were scared to cross the bridge, they looked at it from their angle and it seemed huge, unsteady, and the beauty of the waterfall was lost on the little eyes staring up at the loud and fast falling water. They gripped the roped and stepped cautiously out onto the rocking bridge, their faces showing fear and concern. My friend prodded them along and gradually they made it slowly across the bridge and to the safety on the other side. When the little ones came running off the bridge they had a look of relief mixed with accomplishment and joy. They had conquered that mighty chasm and made it safely to the steady ground on the other side. The little girl came running up to me and said ‘that was the scariest bridge ever!’ with a giant smile on her face.

I couldn’t help but think about the ‘giant bridges in my own life that I have been prodded across’ and how I had stepped out onto that bridge, hanging on to the rope and my faith alone in the hand that was doing the prodding. How must my bridge look to God who is viewing it from a different perspective? If I were to stop on the bridge and look up would I see the pretty waterfall, spraying cool water on my cheeks, would I notice the quiet stream below my feet? Would I be able to look beyond my next step and see that the bridge wasn’t really that big after all, and maybe not that scary in the end?

Is God as proud of me when I step out on the bridge as I was of those kids when they faced their fears? Is he as excited as I was when they came running to me once on safe ground with big smiles and looks of accomplishment? Will I be as hesitant at the next bridge, even if slightly bigger?


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