the boy with who calls me Mummy

Once again our little man has baffled the doctors at Sick Kids who cannot figure out why his heart is the way it is… those were our cardiologist’s words. However, they do not feel that his heart is in immediate danger  and would like to wait and see how he does over the summer. We will have another ECHO in August and see how he is doing clinically as well. This is a HUGE answer to prayer! Doctors 5 weeks ago looked at the images of his heart and said his heart was getting BIGGER, 2 weeks ago after re-looking at the same images they said ‘it’s about the same size’ and today when the images were again looked at they now say ‘it’s actually a little smaller’… this is a miracle, a true answer to prayer, a direct response to the voices you have raised on Joshua’s behalf. I don’t know what our tomorrows hold for us as a family but I am again astounded by the love, prayers and support of everyone all over the world.

I am again inspired by the power of prayers, the wonders and mystery of miracles and the strength and courage of a little boy who calls me Mummy and has the biggest smile in the world. I am mobilized to pray, in a way that I haven’t prayed in years because maybe just maybe this time the miracle will be something bigger than the doctors will be able to explain!


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