Another year come and another one to come!

So it has come time for me to celebrate yet another birthday… most women hate this day, they hide from age as if it is out to get them, make them ugly and steal what is rightfully theirs…

I have a different perspective… I AM SO HAPPY TO BE OLDER! I love my life, I feel strong and confident as a woman in a way that I never felt when I was younger. I feel beautiful despite what society says or thinks. I am not thin, I have some wrinkles yes, but I am a mother of two wonderful boys and my body carried them. How is that ugly? I have a husband who sees the beauty in me, who nourishes the inner beauty that he sees and relishes in the outer beauty. Do I have wrinkles, yes I do and they came from years of trials and tears but also of laughter and wisdom.

Beauty is not mine by right but by blessing, and let me assure you that we all possess it even if we don’t believe it. It may be your eyes, the way they sparkle, your smile or your dimple or the way your kindness warms the room when you walk through the door. Beauty, true beauty is not what is found in the magazines, that as a photographer I can tell you is hopelessly fake. Beauty is something you gain with wisdom, insight, teaching, struggles, compassion, selflessness, sacrifice, love, hope, life.

The passage of time that I mark tomorrow with a celebration is an achievement, one that took pain and suffering and joy to reach so I will celebrate with abandon and live life to it’s fullest,wrinkles, weight and one day age spots and grey hair.  whatever may come; I am alive and I am blessed and happy. Thank you GOD!

Thank you for listening. 🙂

Happy Birthday to me!


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