Why God created the coffee bean…

Josh’s day – Breakfast, TV while Mum gets ready, Crafty creations, park, lunch, outside for an hour in the backyard, painting, snack, water play in sink, back in the back yard, dinner, playtime in playroom, bath.

Kaleb’s day – Breakfast, TV while Mum gets ready, Hang out with Mom during Crafty creations, eat snack, park, lunch, nap, snack, TV time (quiet time) backyard, dinner, playtime in playroom, bath.

Mummy’s day – get kids ready for crafty creations, get kids in car, drive to crafty creations, drop Josh off, entertain Kaleb for an hour, pick Josh up, drive home, clean kitchen up, lovingly give kids to a friend for an hour while I fold and put away all the laundry, make lunch, clean up from lunch, put Kaleb down for nap, get Josh to play outside while I do paperwork for Horizons, get Josh cleaned up after his playing in the muddy backyard, get paints out so he can paint, throw in another load of laundry and bring up the new pile to fold and put away, clean up the paints, get sinks ready for ‘water play’ (ie, clean up from paints), get Josh re-dressed, give him a snack and dry up the messy wet floor in kitchen, clean and organize desk and kitchen cabinet while Josh watches word world 2x, get Kaleb up from nap, get snack and milk for him, put dinner on, put kids in back yard to play, work on Blog, finish paper work and booking new clients, finish supper, call boys to eat, fight them through supper over wether or not they will sit and eat at the table, throw the food at the dog, or just generally not want to eat, clean up both kids from supper, send kids to playroom to play, clean kitchen, put away supper, quickly tidy playroom, get bath started, supervise bathtime, get boys into pj’s, read two stories, sing one song and make sure both kids have monkey, and tigger… turn off lights and go back downstairs… clean up living room, get into gym clothes, Tim comes home, say hi, walk to gym, work out, enjoy de caf on the walk home, talk with Tim for half an hour, go to bed… do it again tomorrow…

So, you ask why I like coffee? It’s not about liking it… it’s a fact of life. God created the coffee bean for mothers and nanny’s.

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