Yes, this is a picture of a clean house…
however, the boys had been out with
Daddy ALL morning for it to get that way!
(just saying)

Ever tried to wash the floor with a 3 year old running around? I had thought it would be a good idea, while Kaleb was napping to wash the floors so that they would dry by the time he wakes up. I normally do this enormous job after the kids are in bed so that I don’t have kid marks in the floor. However, I want to go to the gym tonight, so I thought if I do this now, then I can leave for the gym as soon as the kids are in bed…

MISTAKE! Did you know, that to a three year old, the best thing in the world is dancing on floors that are shiny from being freshly washed and not yet dry??

What about folding the laundry? Tried that with two kids around? For every article of clothing you fold and put in the basket, two are pulled out and tossed at a brother…

Loading the dishwasher?? Well, that’s impossibly dangerous with Kaleb about… the first thing he goes for, every single time, is the knives, the sharpest one in the basket!

Forget spring cleaning, or sorting through the house and decluttering… I can’t do my daily chores!

So my question for other Moms out there… How? When?

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