I used to sleep in until noon!

This morning I was woken before the sun by a little voice calling periodically ‘Mummy’… The first time I heard him calling I went in to settle him, but found him wide awake, I told him that though he may feel awake it was actually not time to wake up and Mummy was going back to bed so he should too. I closed the door, walked down the hall, crawled back into my own bed, closed my eyes, almost fell asleep… then that little voice again… ‘mummy?’… I rolled over, closed my eyes again and attempted to once again find that dream state I had been so rudely woken out of. Silence settled on the house, I drifted off again, and then, there it was again… ‘mummy?’… I could almost imagine his little head working… ‘mummy? where did you go? I thought it was time to play? can we play? I want to get up, can you come back please so that I can play trains, cars, read books, or just generally wreak havoc on the silent house’…

Silence again, this time it lasted a lot longer but there was a new problem. I needed to use the washroom… ARGH! I lay there, hoping against hope that the feeling would pass, that I would manage to get back to sleep. I finally gave in and got up, trying to be as quiet as possible so that I wouldn’t disturb the little men down the hall from me. I almost managed it too, but alas, as the door squeaked shut on my bedroom once more I heard the giggle of my youngest and the pondering of my oldest… ‘mummy?’

I sigh and once again find my way to my bed… making sure to nudge Tim awake as I do. We lie there in the silence and listen to the happy yet loud sound of our kids waking up from a good nights sleep… it’s a good feeling, one that I don’t want to get used too, but one that I don’t mind on occasion. As I begin to realize that sleep is not going to come back to me this morning I take a moment to mourn the days of sleeping till noon and going to bed at dawn… oh how life has changed!


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