I have been neglecting my Blog as of late, a number of reasons have caused this, I have been busy, and I have had writers block. The things I most want to write about I can’t and what does that leave you with? I could tell you about the trip we made to Barrie, the one where both kids were sick and had the runs, where the dog took two steps into the hotel and promptly pooed on the floor, where we drove to the cottage and found that we had to dig through three feet of ice to get Tim’s bike out of the drive way… but that isn’t very interesting…

I could tell you about the trip to the Sugar Bush, the one that wore both boys out, but put Kaleb to sleep in the car almost immediately and then had Josh smacking him in the head the rest of the ride home saying ‘up’ to wake him up… the same trip where we went on a wagon ride and discussed the whole time why we feel that wagon rides are so fun?! I mean, it’s slow, through boring scenery, in the cold… and either on a hard bench or an itchy bale of hay, neither of which are overly enjoyable and yet every year at Fall and Spring we go for wagon rides through the pumpkin patch or the sugar bush and to our puzzlement.. it’s fun.

Yeah,  I could write about a lot of boring little things, but the things that matter most in life right now, the stuff I care most about is something I can’t really share online. So I have been left speechless. I am not ignoring you, I miss the blogging more than I thought possible but I also don’t want to waste your time… as I seem to be doing now in an attempt to explain my absence.

On to the Post – I am once again thinking about community, what it looks like, what it really means. I have been reading a chapter about it in a book by Tim Keller, he speaks about Community being a place where you are accountable to others, and yourself, where there is a commitment to each other, not a drop in place that you can come and go to but a place where you are expected to show, expected to engage, and where you can count on others doing the same. A place where you are to help others, and where they are to help you, where you carry each others burdens and not carry your burden alone. A place where you are accountable to your community, in honesty relating to each other about your thoughts, feelings, and truths of your life.

I had a friend point out to me recently how hypocritical, naive and silly Christians can be, and sadly I was forced to agree with her on many of the points she made. However, if looking at true community within a group of people who all admit the same place as a starting point ‘sinner’ and are all striving for the same destination, trying to help each other through that journey, navigating for each other and sometimes driving for each other… well, it seems that if you could find that place, that community, or even create it for yourself… then life would be a little more the way that God intended. A lot less lonely, slightly easier, instead of the endless pain and suffering that we put ourselves through.


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