Return on my Investment!

I am always getting lessons in patience, most of which I tell you about, but this week, that patience is being rewarded with some Huge returns on my time investment! Josh is talking more this week than I have ever heard before! He is seeming to want to learn the alphabet so I have been taking him through it in a number of ways, trying to make it fun and interesting, I have a new app for my phone that teaches it, I have cards, a place mat, and the best tool ever is

We have been running through these options for a few weeks but this week I have really focused on it, we have 20 minutes of ‘computer play’ in the morning (starfall) and then when his brother naps he goes outside to play for as long as he likes (it’s cold so it’s been about half an hour). Then he comes in, has milk and a cookie and we sit and go through our ABC’s together. It has been so fun! We say the letters and then the sounds of the letters and then we spell out words. Today we spelt out boy and he he read it! ‘BOY’ being a new word! Earlier today he saw the letter ‘b’ on a card and pointed to it he said ‘b’ and looked at me. He says’ a number of letters and I am finding that he is wanting to copy me where when using words he seems to have no interest in copying me. He wants to learn but not communicate… 🙂 Typical man I should think.

My little reader at 10 months old

 He is three years old, he’s had what most studies say is way too many anaesthetics for his age (not sure of the exact statistics but I have seen them and they are scary), he’s been on narcotics and many other meds, he has spent months flat on his back with a failing heart, he’s had a stroke, he was a preemie, he was born under stress and not supposed to live at all… all of these things, and the only problem that we can see from it all is finally on the road to developing.
What a miracle this boy is!


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