Birth Order & Rights

It seems that I have stirred things up a little bit with my “Rules of Engagement” post. Not only has it become a matter of debate between the battle of the sexes but it has also caused a stir with birth orders… it would seem that I caused some trouble. 🙂 (and there you have the gist of the post, as the youngest, my job is to stir the pot and cause some trouble…)

Let me be clear on a few things…

1) I am the youngest – my birth order left me little choice in how I treated or reacted to my sister. It was a birth rite. You know, she used to drag me around the floor by the foot, giving me carpet burn on my poor baby’s head, and once tried to throw my in the dumpster outside our apartment, just as the garbage truck was about to dump it, and that the day I was brought home from hospital she tried to get them to return me to the store, asking if master card would return me? So, what choice did I have but to spend my life studying her, finding out the things that irritated her and then acting out those things. I was getting my own back! (I believe this Blog may even get a favorable response on that front).

She (my sister) would argue that I went above and beyond, she would defend her argument with things like ‘she stole my clothes’, annoyed her to no end in the car, or some similar offense. However, viewed from my perspective you might be a little more understanding…

You see, I thought she was so cool, so amazing, and I love her so much, that I wanted to be just like her… thus, I did ‘borrow’ her things from time to time… but only because I thought she was so cool!! How can you get mad for that right? The times I ‘crossed’ the tape line she created, that was only because I liked her, wanted to spend time with her. The times I came into her room without asking, again, I wanted to spend time with her. The times in the car, when I tried to engage her in play? Well, she read too much and I would hate to see her miss out on the fun of a road trip! You see, what I am trying to say, is that, as the youngest I was misunderstood… and as the youngest I can safely assume that most youngest siblings are.

The second hornets nest I have stirred up is the sexist one… and all I have to say to that is…

2) I am a girl, girls rock, we are smart, therefore we need not resort to fists, we instead use our intellect, we have a higher maturity rate, therefore we settle disputes in a more mature way, using words, and thus eliminating the need for brutality.


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One thought on “Birth Order & Rights

  1. I love you too sis! You too are cool and amazing and I always wished I was as outgoing and fun loving as you. We all have our place – this way we balanced each other off!


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