What is it about Valentines Day?

Valentines Day… one day a year where men feel pressured to show the women they love that they love them, where they feel more stress surrounding their lovely girlfriends, or wives. Tough times for these men, I have heard the grunts and disapproval of Valentines day for years, from every male friend, every boyfriend and now I get it from my husband. The common refrain “I hate valentines day, why should there be one day when you are made to feel like you have to show your love, it should be everyday..’. My answer of course to those lovely men in the world who have said this… “yes, you should show love everyday…” and let’s be honest, most of our men do show us. The big question is do we see it? Do we recognize it for what it is? My love language is gifts and time, Tim’s are affection and service. So, we often miss each other’s expression of love. He gets busy working on something that will make our home safer, and I see it as taking time away from me… he’s loving me, and I am missing it. So, when this time of year runs around the circle and comes back to us and I hear his refrain I figure this… Today, of all the days in the year is one to remember the love language of your best friend, your husband, your wife. Today is the day that I show Tim with service that I love him, and the day that he buys me a gift to show me that I am loved. 🙂 Today, of all the 365 days is the day that we make a point of thinking back on this valentine of ours, remembering the love that we have, revelling in the joy this person makes us feel. Today, above any other day is one marked with showing them, making sure they know without doubt that they are loved. Is it commercialized?… of course! So, is Christmas and Halloween and Easter… but Valentines day, like remembrance day should be looked on as a day to remember and to focus some time and energy to love, to your love. In a world and life where we can account for every moment in the day, with meetings, kids, school, work, etc. etc. isn’t a good thing to set apart a day, night, hour to remember the one person that we share this life with? The person who loves us and whom we love so deeply?

So, to my Valentine… thank you for making the time today, to show me how much I am loved, and thank you for loving me every day in between. You mean the world to me!

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Author & Photographer

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