Scars & Smiles

Tomorrow Joshua turns three years old… it amazes me to think about that. Josh is three. He has been alive for three years, this kid that doctors told me wouldn’t live an hour is thriving, happy and three! What a gift! Every birthday he has I sit and look back, this year in particular I find myself smiling when I think of him, and when I think of those doctors three years ago. How I wish they could see Josh now! I remember one doctor, the one who diagnosed Josh while he was still in my womb, he said to me in a quiet voice ‘there will be no miracles here’… Oh how wrong he was! There have been miracles heaped on miracles!

I watched him today, playing with his brother, chasing the girls in church, beaming while his birthday guests sang happy birthday to him. He is so happy, he is so incredibly happy. His world is simple, he eats, watches TV, plays with his train, plays with his Mummy and Daddy and Kaleb, sleeps and enjoys fun days out. He has no idea of the triumphs, of the victories that he has already accumulated! His trophies are the scars and the smiles, his heart is bigger, stronger and braver than mine!

He is three, next year he’ll be four, then five, six, seven and so on… because there are miracles here!


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