A lesson in fun… (seems a better title)

I worked in the nursery this morning, or I should say I played in the nursery today. I had been dreading it a little to be honest, I am with kids all day every day, I listen to screams and watch falling tears for a total of 11 hours a day 7 days a week. Oh yes, they giggle too, and they sometimes sit quietly but the reality is, it’s not those moments that stand out when you are tired and facing a room full of under two’s. So after waking at 5:30 AM I was grumpy about my time in the nursery.

I was the first person there, I hadn’t even been there for 10 minutes before my two guys had totally destroyed it… this was just the beginning. Josh bumped his head, started to cry, roll around on the floor, looking at me every so often to see if more drama was necessary, then added a few more yells. I saw some girls come in, and told him that ‘girls were here’… tears stopped immediately! Within moments he was in the hall chasing said girls and the tears had vanished.

As the other kids started to trickle in I was surprised to find that the little people weren’t crying, or whining or worse, screaming for Mommy or Daddy in an inconsolable rage. In fact, they came in quietly and gravitated to their favorite toys. Josh moved along to big kid class, Kaleb to the tool shop where he hammered everything within sight, and I was able to play with some kids other than my own. It was, for lack of a better word, refreshing.

I sat with one two year old, and attempted to teach him how to use a ‘connector’ toy (I don’t know what it was called), I thought it would be fun to make him a necklace, although given that he was a boy I did attempt to assuage his masculine pride by saying it was a ‘Tie’, he apparently thought it would be more fun to whip it across the room, barely missing a little girl who may actually have appreciated my efforts. Another little boy showed me how to do the ‘monster mash’ and the ‘hot potato’ and still another one informed me that his Mommy was NOT in church but rather ‘out for coffee’.

I only smelled one smelly diaper, this astounded me! The only problem was that the smell was coming from my own kid… so unfortunate that I could get some other poor woman out of church to come change her own kids poop… nope, had to mine! Once the butt was clean we moved into snack time, where Kaleb proceeded to teach the older kids ‘props’ and eat their snacks when they weren’t looking.

Then, just before the end of the service my oldest, my sweet Josh was delivered to me. Apparently he was eating so much, drinking so much, that they thought he should go back to his Mom… in other words, the pastors kid got kicked out of Sunday school! 🙂 Ahhh… I love being a Mom! I love watching other kids grow and learn and start to develop their own very cute personalities.

… and I love learning more about my friends via their kids 😉


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