Daddy cuddles

There is nothing better in the world than seeing a Daddy cuddling his baby. It is refreshing and warm and sweet and the babies, no matter how big they are, always seem so much smaller and so much safer. Kaleb’s favorite thing to do is cuddle, but there is something so special about catching moments where Tim is holding him, loving him. It almost feels like an intrusion on the moment to take a shot of it but at the same time I want Kaleb to be a part of this moment forever, and when he is older and looks back on this photo he will know his Daddy’s love in a new way, a special way.

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One thought on “Daddy cuddles

  1. If that Hebrew tattoo on Dad is Yeshua, Caleb is hugging more than his Dad, the very name of the one who created him. Blessings, Irene


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