Screwtape Letters come to life?

Ever had one of those weeks where the crap is coming at you from all fronts and you just want to hide? This is me this week… I find it actually a little funny that just on Sunday I was feeling so safe and protected in the shadow of the cross, and now here I sit dodging bullets from every direction. I can’t go into details on a number of things, but I have been hurt this week by a number of things, people and situations and I am sitting here wondering if there isn’t some crazy connection?! If maybe there isn’t something to the discouragement that I am feeling. C.S. Lewis wrote a book called the Screwtape Letters, Tim and I read it once while on a road trip to visit my sister in Winnipeg. It is one demon writing to another underling demon about how to ‘win’ souls for their side. They didn’t do things scary like in the Exorcist, rather they used hopelessness and discouragement to win their quiet battles…

So here I am, still sitting in the shadow of the cross but I can’t help but wonder if Uncle Screwtape isn’t sitting beside me trying to win my soul for his cause rather than just let me enjoy the warmth of Christ’s embrace?

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