Personality disorder or Communication breakdown?

I am a fickle person… I just can’t make up my mind! One day things are good, I feel blessed and put together, the next I feel frustrated, tired and discouraged. You that read my Blog probably wonder if I have some kind of a personality disorder… I wonder that myself at times and have yet to actually come to a conclusion on it.
I get frustrated with Josh because no matter how many times I tell him ‘don’t cry and whine, simply ask for help and I will help you… but I don’t know what the whining means’ and still, he sits there day after day refusing to ask for help, refusing to use words that are effective to communicate his needs (even though I know he knows them and have heard them on occasion leave his lips) and instead, he chooses to cry and whine and I guess in his little mind he is hoping that I will understand?

Then the other day, out of no where he says ‘more’ and even uses the hand sign and the most amazing thing happened?! He got help immediately! He simply had to ask, and when he got the ‘more’ that he wanted the smile on his face told me how proud he was of himself.

So, after considering my options (I had a long drive to my parents house today to think about things) I realized two things…

1) I am a three year old who is whining and crying and demanding to be heard but I am not clear in my communicating
2) I have not really asked for help in certain areas of my life and those areas are in desperate need of help

I doubt I actually have my act together… I am probably going to have a hissy fit again at some point in the not too distant future but for the moment I am like Josh, discovering that communication is a handy tool and one that I should use on occasion.


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