Eat, Pray, Love

I flew out to Vancouver yesterday with my husband, we are here for both personal and some business. Friends got married yesterday and Tim was the officiant at the wedding and then I was the photographer, then on Sunday I will do a small photo shoot for the CMA, after and in between it’s all fun! On the flight over I finally got to see the movie Eat Pray Love. It made my mind wander and thus I have thoughts to share…

For those of you who have not yet seen Eat Pray Love, it’s about a woman who ends her marriage, then finds herself in a rebound relationship, only to discover one day that she has totally lost all sense of joy and wonder and passion in life. She can’t breathe and needs a way out. Thus begins a 3 part journey, Italy, India and finally Bali, a journey to discover life and balance and who she is in the midst of it all.

I thought over the stages of her journey and thought over my life a little, you have the New York segment, where she is just moving along, unaware that there is a problem, or at least unwilling to change it if she did. She does what she wants, to who she wants and only at the end does she discover the consequences.

Then Italy! Ahhh Italy, this is the place where you move out of pain and just enjoy the numbing effects of food, love and emotional support for a while. I found that my time in the hospital with Josh was a little like Italy really, strange as that may sound given the horror of the situation but I found that I was so surrounded by love, had so many people visiting, writing and supporting me that it numbed me from the pain of the moment. Italy. I have always loved Italy.

India, dirty, busy filled with constant moving and honking and craziness, and then she lands herself in a meditative space. A place where she has no choice but to sit and look back at her life, to ponder the hurts she has suffered but also the hurts she has caused. Italy is long behind her and she now stands on the abyss of real life, real moments, real pain. This is where you often find the loneliness that has been waiting for you, the loneliness that you absolutely must survive in order to move forward, to forgive yourself and others, the loneliness that leads you to a place of joy.

Bali! Paradise, warm, peaceful, restful. The journey though long has finally brought her to a place of rest, a place where she feels more balanced, and she finds the chance to live into the changes she has made. She finds the hope, the joy and ultimately the healing that she has searched the world for. Bali.

I have moved, though unwillingly from Italy and now sit in India but I have Bali coming! 🙂


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