Magic Pie

I made my very first pie today, a blue berry pie with my brand new Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I LOVE IT! There is noting like being able to mix one thing while tending the kids at the very same time. FABULOUS! The pastry tasted good… but the secret was really just a bunch of mistakes, I was so excited about my new mixer that I threw everything into the bowl without reading the full instructions. Then, again without reading instructions I put the mixer on the second speed and watched it work while I did other things. I then took the dough out, made it into a ball and threw it in the fridge without much thought. After dinner (about 1/2 an hour) I took the dough out, threw some flour out on the counter and began the process of rolling out the pastry. I rolled it gently at first, taking great pains to lift it carefully off the counter and into the pie plate, it worked okay, not great I am told but not bad. I stuffed it full of blue berry filling and then I then began the arduous task of making the top. What an ordeal! Who knew that it could be so hard to make a pie lid?? I had no idea!! I tried and tried, I rolled and rolled and still I could not beat that pastry into submission! It just didn’t want to work out, and it certainly didn’t look like the pies my Grandma used to make… eventually after a number of fatal attempts I finally gave up and I made a picture for the top of the pie instead of a lid. I had mountains, a train and train tracks… quite impressive really! (Although I am only slightly biased). Once again I didn’t really read the instructions well, I guess I was supposed to bake the bottom crust a little first? Oh well, not me, I threw the whole thing into the oven and waited, 35 minutes later out came a master piece! Kitchen aid is amazing! My pie tasted so GOOD! No one was more surprised than I was I can promise you that!

funny isn’t… no matter the amount of mistakes I made, the pie ultimately came out tasting good. Life lesson or just the magic of Kitchen aid?

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