Love = Simplicity

Someone once asked me about how to break down God’s love into a really simple understanding… I laughed at the time. I had no idea?! It’s like asking someone to explain quantum physics to a third grader… impossible! It’s an abstract thing, unseen, not really felt and yet we know it exists by faith and by a simple knowledge of what he is doing or has done in our lives and the lives of those around us.

Then I had children, and while I still can’t fully understand the depths of the love God has for us, I certainly understand it better. It’s like I finally took a beginners Physics class.

I love my boys in a way that I didn’t think was even possible, I care about every tear that leaves their little eyes even if it is meant to manipulate me. I hurt for every little scrape, or bruise and I want to do everything in my power to keep those wounds to a minimum, preferably they wouldn’t ever end up hurt. When they do something that is mean, or hurtful, though it hurts me I know that I need to be strong and firm with them, not to punish but to teach them a better way, to help them grow into stronger men, more compassionate people. If they are headed down a path to destruction, I want to stand in their way to prevent harm.

When Josh needed surgery, though it broke our hearts we knew that it would help to fix his, we love him and want what is best for him, even if the road to that end is painful. I love them, and that means that I want to spoil them, I want to throw my arms around them as often as they will let me and hug them and kiss them, I want to hear their laughter, I rejoice in the giggles and wiggles that come at tickle time. They bring me joy, I could watch them for hours, simply looking at them and reveling in the wonder of them. They are my sons, and I am proud of them, love them and enjoy them. When they hurt me, or frustrate me, I don’t ever stop loving them. In fact, all it usually takes is a small little smirk and all is right in the Haughton house once again.

I can’t tell you in simplicity what God’s love is like, but I can say that this love that I just described is only a small fraction of it. We are so loved, that much is simple. Nothing can separate us from that love, not even ourselves.

Merry Christmas!


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