Hissy fit anyone?

Today, if someone were to tell me that my boys were put here on earth simply to test me, to try my patience and cause me anxiety… I would have no trouble believing you. It started well, Tim went to work and the boys and I sat listening to carols in the playroom. Josh humming along to Jingle Bells and Kaleb bopping in time with the music, dare I say we even had some fun?!

The switch happened at 9:39 am, I know because I had my Blackberry on me and I took note of the time. One moment all was blissful, happy chatting, sporadic giggles, happy sighs. I can’t tell you what went wrong initially, was it a toy that didn’t live up to expectations? A car that didn’t go fast enough? A train that didn’t ‘choo’ in tune? All I know, is that in the blink of an eye my sweet children, the blessings I have often written to you about, turned into monsters and they haven’t let up all day!

Crying, whining, fighting, pushing, biting, hitting, throwing toys, food, cups, even the dog has taken cover!! I have tried every technique that the Super Nanny has offered and here I sit Blogging in pure frustration, listening even now to total chaos.

Somehow, even in the midst of this there is a life lesson… we are all children in this way. Creating chaos and babies enough to whine and cry about it, begging someone to put order to our mess but not lifting our finger to do anything to help ourselves. We sit and have meltdowns, or total freak outs, we shout, cry, whine, throw things, hit, bite, pull hair or inflict untold damage with our words, to both ourselves and others. We are all two years old and we are constantly asking God to fix it, doesn’t matter what it is, be it a broken truck or barbie or maybe a boo boo on our hearts. We ask him to fix it, or we blame him for doing it to begin with. Then, when out of pure grace he puts order to our chaos, we sit back on our diapered buts and pat ourselves on the back.

You may notice that I am using the ‘Royal we’, I of course am talking about me but I am aware enough to know that this is not an uncommon state of mind, we all have our two year old moments, the question is, do we realize it?

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