Steps into boyhood

Tonight I had the privilege of teaching little Kaleb to walk. I got the share in the joy of his excitement of taking a step and not falling, I got to see the pride fill his face when I clapped with excitement over his achievement. When I was younger I didn’t think it would bring such joy to see a child of mine learning things like walking. I mistakenly believed that it would just happen, that my kids would just one day stand up, take a step, probably fall a few times but ultimately begin to walk. I never imagined the feeling of being involved in the process. The warmth in knowing that I am incentive to walk, that his first steps would be to come to me for a hug, for kisses.

Tim taught Josh to walk, I came in at the end stage when Josh was walking four or five steps already. I had been upstairs working while Tim and Josh took the first steps into big boyhood together. That was exciting enough, to walk downstairs and have Josh walk to me out of no where?! Very cool! Equally cool though is to be the person who teaches. Be it to walk, talk or one day read, go potty by themselves or any other thing they might need to learn in order to become men. There is so much to teach, so much to learn, but if every step is as rewarding as Kaleb’s first ones have been then I am going to enjoy this motherhood thing so much more than I dreamed.

Smiles, hugs, kisses, giggles, they are all designed to warm a mothers heart, and they inspire a change and a new person to grow inside of me. Someone who wants to be better, who wants to love more, to hug more, to kiss more, and to just enjoy the little moments more. They inspire me to be more of a mother, so that they can grow into strong men who can also love more. They say that Motherhood is work, and it is, but it’s also the greatest joy and no matter how many times I Thank God for these two little men in my life I will never be able to express my full gratitude. I have said it before, and I will say it again, and again and again… I am blessed.


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