First Century

Today I have been wondering about life in Biblical times, what it was like? what were the people were like? I mean, really, not just the same old stories from our childhoods but day to day life. I went for a walk down the street, cars and buses, trucks and streetcars all bustled by, people rushing from A to B, kids making snowmen, a few people sitting in Cafe’s. It made me wonder what it would have been like back then. They were real, just as real as you or I, so they were more than just names and dates in an old book. They felt, they hurt, they dreamed. The men, like David or Samson or Moses or yes even Jesus, all had mothers and fathers. They loved, they laughed and they enjoyed quiet family times. What would they have done? When Mosses mother put him in a basket, how did she find the strength? What kind of pain and suffering did she endure afterwards? Did she ever regret it? Did David remember fondly the days of caring for sheep in his Fathers fields, were there times when he wished it had been one of his brothers who had been pickedw?  Was Samson’s Dad a guy who sat in the local pub boasting of his son’s unnatural strength while his mother prayed that he would cut his hair and look a little more dignified?

I walked past a store, open on a Sunday, housing wares of all makes and sizes, toys, food, drinks, anything you could ever want or need. What would it have been like in the first century? Where do you go when you need a quart of milk or an egg for baking or what if you had a snack attack? What did one eat? Drink? I pass a hair salon, and wonder what those poor women did they wanted a wash, cut and style and let’s not forget the mani/pedi that all women should get the joy of receiving at least once or twice in their lives! Dare I question about a massage therapist in a town like Bethlehem?

Once I started to ponder this I came to a bigger question, what was Jesus like as a child? What was his relationship with his Father like? Did he look up to him the way a normal son would look up to his Father? Did he like cuddles from his Mother? Did he play ball? Did he play?  Did he long to grow up like we do? Was he always a wise and mature teacher or did he have moments of just silliness?  What were his brothers and sisters like? What would it have been like to live with him?

I look at my children, I see Kaleb get angry when I don’t get his food fast enough, or if I dare to try and change his diaper, or I see Josh have a melt down in pure frustration at not being able to verbally express himself and you don’t want to see what happens if Kaleb dares to touch his train! These two children are wonderful, they are for the most part good, but perfect,sinless Sons of God? Not at all… so I am left wondering, what was he like as a two year old? When did he take his first steps? What were his first words? What was it like for him, growing up knowing his role for the world? His part in the plan that God had for our salvation? Who is this Messiah who’s birth we celebrate?


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One thought on “First Century

  1. I enjoyed this post — very thoughtful!! 🙂 Reminds me of a scene in a movie (I think the Nativity Story, produced a few years back…or maybe it was the Passion?…) which depicts Jesus as a young man joking around with his mother. It makes me think about the same question you raised — what was He like? A similar sense of curiosity is also sometimes stirred in me when I glance at a picture I have on my fridge of Jesus laughing. I love that picture — it never fails to make my heart smile! 🙂


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