Freedom of speech or criminal offense?

I went to Vaughn Mills today with Kaleb for some one on one time but also to get my Christmas shopping started. On the way out there I listened to 640am talk radio. They were all up in arms about something Charles Adler had said regarding the gay pride parade. I found it interested and turned the radio up so that I could listen. As it turns out, Charles had been criticizing the way that the parade was advertised ‘Come out and see young boys and girls’, and this is a family friendly venue!? I personally find it offensive that public nudity is a crime and yet every year we allow men and women to march up and down our streets wearing little to nothing, they walk right past the doors of my church, where I bring my children on Sunday morning. Instead of arresting them for public nudity, we celebrate them, and are crucified if we say anything negative about it, the parade or it’s participants.

Today Charles Adler said ‘if you find yourself afraid to express your opinions, then you are no longer free.’ Funny, that in a culture so hell bent on freedom of speech and freedom of religion, we cannot give our opinions without being accused of some kind of ‘hate crime’ or similar offense.

There was something else though that I noticed today while listening to this broadcast. The callers all agreed with Charles, maybe not in his opinion but in his right to have his opinion and his right to express it. It made me wonder who it is that is finding everything so offensive? Have we let some over sensitive, opinionated, loud mouths into a position of power over our own freedom of speech? When did this happen? When will we take our voice back?


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