The sight of my sons smile has the power to alter my world and my perspective on life. We stayed up late last night watching Toy Story 3 about 15 times, but he was snuggled up to me the whole time, and on occasion he even smiled at me. What a night! I will not soon forget the feeling of warmth that ray of sunshine brought my world. He is one amazing child!! Even the exhaustion and the late hour (we were still watching movies at 2:30 am) was made fun by those simple little smiles.

Today, though still not walking or moving around, still shaky and weak they have allowed us to take him home. One of the blessings of living in Toronto is that they know that we aren’t far away if there is a problem which means we are always released sooner! Loving that! We have been blessed by friends who have given us a room at a local hotel beside the hospital so that we can have a fun night at the hotel before going home. We will order pizza and sleep in the BIG beds! Josh’s smile lit the whole of Toronto when we drove out of the parking garage today, we got outside and he beamed.  It was beautiful!

This past 5 days have been many things, it’s been hard, stressful, scary, sad, heartbreaking and exhausting, but it’s also been a lesson in love for me. I have learned how loved we are as a family, how loved Josh is and how so many people, literally all over the world care and want to help us. We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, prayers, generosity and support. As a family we are truly blessed. I am in awe of you all. You have taught me lessons that I will never forget in how to love someone.

I am sure that we still have quite a road before us, but after this week I know this: God still gives miracles, I am blessed to know Joshua, life sometimes just needs some perspective, and friendships are an incredible blessing and offer of God’s unconditional love. Friendships are given by choice, unlike family, they don’t need to love you but they do anyway. 🙂

We are loved, and we love more deeply than we realized!


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