Time is a really interesting thing, you are never either in the past or the future and yet it’s always just a moment away. Right this second I am looking at my children, Kaleb playing with blocks, Josh lying on the couch and I am realizing all too quickly how this minute is already over. I Blog and my children pass through their childhood… dismal outlook today I realize. The rain isn’t helping. It reminds me of the days when G&R were huge and I would listen to songs like November Rain and love it. 🙂 Now, well now it just depresses me.

Back to Time… the good thing about Time is that when you stop to look at it, and realize that you can’t, when you finally stop and see that it’s really slipping away then you can stop and begin to see things differently. You look at your husband and you see a man who loves you and would do everything and anything to make you happy, you forget that he didn’t empty the diaper bin today, you see your child’s tears and you smile because all it takes right now is a little snuggle to make it better, you know that soon you won’t be able to comfort the tears away so simply, you see the mess in the kitchen and you realize it’s there because you were well enough, and blessed enough to have food to eat this morning, and that it’s a quick clean up when you are finished playing with the kids. You stop being frustrated by your inability to keep up with emails, because it dawns on you that they are from people who love you, who care about you, and instead you Thank God that you can’t keep up. The endless appointments fade out because it means that there are people there who know how to help, people who can fix things that I know nothing about.

When  you stop and really look at time it gives you a fresh perspective, one that we all need to have sometimes. The only moment you can control is this one, everything else is either past or future and there is nothing you can do about it.


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